Membership to the Bowman Eagles is limited to pilots who have earned a minimum of a Private Pilot Certificate. Property damage and liability insurance coverage are carried at all times for the aircraft.

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Membership Information

Flight Instruction

Flight instruction is available from member and auxiliary instructors.  The Chief Flight Instructor is responsible for establishing and controlling training procedures and requirements.  For those members with no tail wheel experience, normally a minimum of ten hours dual plus ten hours solo is required before carrying passengers.


-1952 Cessna 170B, with a 145HP Continental engine

-1970 Citabria, model 7ECA, with a 115HP Lycoming engine
(All planes are equipped with electrical systems)


Initiation fee is $200.  Dues are $60 per month and are designed to cover most of the fixed expenses including hangar, annual, scheduling, insurance, etc.  In addition to the dues there is a charge of :

Citabria - $55 per flight hour
Cessna 170B - $78 per hour

Hourly rate is based on “tach time”, and includes fuel and oil.  This cost includes reserves to provide for normal maintenance and engine overhaul.


The Planes are hangared in the New T’s on Bowman Field with in hangars #431 and #432. The corner hangar provides adequate space for storage and work bench.  It has electricity, lighting, refrigerator, plus table and chairs to accommodate the “Bowman Field Liars Club”.

Current Officers

President Don Jeffries 502-417-5640
Vice President Steve Bickel 502-245-8180
Secretary Bob Hirsch 502-939-6863
Treasurer Joy Jeffries 502-314-5640
Chief Flight Instructor Joe Brightwell 502-314-5640
Maintenance Officer Steve Meyer 502-541-2244